Interpalm launches a contest for communication professional

This is a message to Spanish journalists and other communicators! Interpalm, the Interprofessional Association of Fat Palmipeds in Spain, invites you, until September 30th, to publish an article on the foie gras sector or on derived duck products in a Spanish media.

A jury will select the winner based on the originality and creativity of the publication. The winner will win 1000 euros!

Take this opportunity to showcase your writing talent and your love for Spanish gastronomy. We look forward to reading your articles!

For more information, visit the Interpalm website:

Spain is the fourth largest producer of duck foie gras in Europe, with a production of 592 tons in 2019, and the third largest consumer in the world, with 80g per year and per capita. The production is mainly located in the regions of Castilla y León, Navarra, the Basque Country, Catalonia and Aragon.