The competition organised by Interpalm is extended until 31 December

On 11 August, Interpalm, the Interprofessional Association of Fat Palmipeds in Spain, launched a contest for Spanish journalists and communicators. They are invited to write an article on the breeding of fat palmipeds and/or its products (foie gras, magret and confit), which will then be published in a Spanish newspaper.

The prize, worth of 1000 euros, was to be awarded to the winner during the 2nd edition of the Spanish Circle of Foie Gras Friends. However, due to the health measures related to the COVID-19 crisis, the ceremony has been postponed. The competition has therefore been extended until 31 December, giving you three more months to try your luck! Tell us about the breeding of foie gras ducks and its delicious by-products!

All the information can be found on the Interpalm website.