Getting to know a sector before taking a stand: MEPs visit a foie gras farm

On Tuesday, Valérie Van Wyzenberghe opened the doors of her family foie gras farm to three Swedish, Hungarian and Belgian Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

Willing to have first-hand experience in order to make informed decisions on the sector, they discovered the different stages of the virtuous foie gras production: from the arrival of the one-day-old ducklings to the ducks raised in the tree-filled open-air runs, then fattened before being slaughtered on the farm. The processing and sales are also done on site, offering delicious local quality products to Belgian consumers.  

Euro Foie Gras would like to thank the MEPs for their curiosity and interest in learning about the know-how and best practices of European foie gras producers. We were delighted to offer them an immersive experience. There is no better way of discovering the production!

Convinced that farm visits help to raise awareness about their profession, foie gras producers will continue on the path of transparency and dialogue.