French foie gras farms welcome you this weekend of 19-20 September

Heritage days are the ideal time to discover the cultural and gastronomic treasures of a country. Among the essential dishes of French cuisine, we can undoubtedly mention foie gras, as well as its by-products, magret and confit.  

For the first time, on the occasion of the Heritage Days in France on 19 and 20 September, around fifty farms in the main foie gras producing regions (Alsace, Brittany, New Aquitaine, Occitania and Pays de la Loire) will open their doors. You will thus be able to discover the production process of this delicacy and meet the breeders to learn more about fat palmipeds.   

Guided tours, tastings, cooking classes, catering… The activities will be numerous! Take advantage of this weekend to make a detour to a farm and, at the same time, to stock up on French local products.   

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