Euro Foie Gras GA: The sector highlights its openness and transparency to counter prejudices

On Thursday 18 June, Euro Foie Gras held its General Assembly online.

Christophe Barrailh, President of the Federation, first touched upon the European Parliament’s vote calling on the Commission to ban force-feeding, describing it as “surprising and shocking“. Indeed, the vote on this amendment, which took place in the context of the adoption of the parliamentary resolution on the European citizens’ Initiative “End the Cage Age”, was not only out of context, but also took place without consulting the various stakeholders involved in this topic. Christophe Barrailh stressed that “it is essential to remember that foie gras cannot be produced without assisted feeding. To date, there is no credible alternative.” The Federation is more determined than ever to continue on the path of transparency and to invite political decision-makers to visit a foie gras farm to better understand the sector.

Euro Foie Gras will also bring the sector to the citizens’ attention through the European promotion programme. In this context, the Federation is looking forward to launching its campaign website “On the road to foie gras” this summer. It will follow the adventures of bloggers and influencers who will meet foie gras producers in 4 European countries (Spain, France, Belgium and Hungary) in order to share this traditional know-how.

Finally, the Federation will continue its work to develop European animal welfare indicators. This topic, essential for foie gras producers, remains at the heart of their concerns.