An interactive map to find French foie gras producers

The coronavirus pandemic has hit foie gras producers hard. They were unable to sell their products to restaurateurs and on markets, and thus saw their sales decline drastically. In order to help the sector to overcome this crisis, the CIFOG (Comité Interprofessionnel des Palmipèdes à Foie Gras) has created a map to geolocate French foie gras producers who sell their products on farm or for delivery.

In these farms, you will find foie gras and other products from fat palmipeds such as magret, confit or rillettes. They are mainly located in five regions: Occitanie, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Alsace. The logos “Foie gras de France”, “Confit de France” and “Magret de France” guarantee the origin of the products.

By clicking on the producer you are interested in, you will see his name and the type of animals he breeds. The button “Learn more” will then take you to a page with more information: opening hours, contact details, specialities…

This map will help the French but also tourists passing through the Hexagon this summer to find foie gras near them. This flagship product of French gastronomy is a must-try!