Successful foie gras promotional campaign thanks to European funds

Since 2016, the European Commission has implemented a program aimed at promoting agricultural products from the European Union (EU). The objective is to contribute to the development and recognition of these products within the Union, as well as in high-growth potential external markets. In total, the Commission has allocated over €185.9 million to the selected projects in 2023.

In 2020, the French Foie Gras Interbranch Organisation (CIFOG) and Euro Foie Gras won the project call with their initiative titled TEACH: “Sharing the European Gastronomic Heritage.” Over the period of 2021-2023, CIFOG and Euro Foie Gras have received European funds to raise awareness about foie gras across four producing countries: France, Belgium, Spain, and Hungary, thereby promoting its entire culture, symbols, and elegance.

A significant part of this initiative unfolded on social media to communicate towards younger generations about foie gras and its environment. By investing in and targeting the practices of these younger generations through the creation of a series of short videos, we were able to disseminate our educational approach and highlight all the values and positive impacts that foie gras brings to the regional economy. Furthermore, iconic preparations were shared by ambassador chefs in the four producing countries, such as the Hungarian Rozina Wossala, and the Belgians Tom Vermeiren and Julien Lapraille. Their actions were crucial in educating and raising awareness among the younger generations.

Additionally, numerous influencers were engaged to place foie gras at the heart of culinary preparations.

Beyond social media, two important events, Madrid Fusion (January 24, 2023) and the Gault et Millau 2022 encounter showcased foie gras through effective communication and gastronomic valorisation. Prominent personalities with established reputations promoted the product, including Ketty Fresneda, a renowned ambassador chef in Spain.

The launch of the “On the roads to Foie Gras website, available in six languages, was a major success. The anticipated website visits were exceeded and doubled, accumulating over 400,000 visits in two years! The benefits were manifold, including the exposure of recipes created by the ambassador chefs from the producing countries, pages dedicated to education that explain the production process of this delicacy and its specificities, as well as the inclusion of various culinary challenges.

Finally, numerous actions were implemented to engage with the younger generations on the ground by visiting culinary and agronomy schools. Through these encounters, foie gras was presented, from its creation to its consumption encompassing the symbols it embodies, to the next generation that will elevate it on plates or in farms. These were moments of knowledge and transmission of passion to the successors of the foie gras sector. This educational and awareness-building ambition were also extended to supermarkets, where department managers were trained to effectively answer young consumers’ questions.

This campaign, with its multi-modal influence approach, has been a true success for the European foie gras sector, effectively raising awareness about the product, its image, and the environment in which it operates.

Discover the series of videos of different producer countries: