Euro Foie Gras adopts its position on the transport of animals during its Board meeting

The Euro Foie Gras Board meeting, held in Brussels on the 23rd of April 2024, had a special flavour just before the European elections. Between discussions on current legislative files and reflections on the future of the sector and the Federation, exchanges were rich and fruitful.

Euro Foie Gras’ members started by welcoming the first steps of the EU promotion programme « Teach Further », which will run for 3 years in France, Spain and Belgium. Under the slogan ‘Let’s share Europe’s gastronomic heritage,’ this programme aims to promote and raise awareness about foie gras and its production methods among Millenials.

Despite parliamentary recess until the European elections in June, the sector carried on its work on the subject of transport. The position paper, adopted by the Board members, was presented to several Permanent Representations of Member States. During these meetings, the sector denounced the serious shortcomings and inadequacies of the regulation proposed by the European Commission on the welfare of animals during transport. ‘There is no doubt that this legislative proposal will have very negative social, environmental and economic consequences for our sector,” denounced Christophe Barrailh, President of Euro Foie Gras. The Federation reaffirmed its willingness to discuss this extremely important issue with the future Members of the European Parliament.

This will undoubtedly be part of the strategic action plan that the sector will be adopting over the course of the year. Aware of its strengths and the challenges it faces, the members were able to use their discussion to lay the foundations for this ambitious plan. A date has been set for the Euro Foie Gras General Assembly in Paris mid-June.