Private storage aid, “Farm to Fork” Strategy, and launch of the new logo: a rich and constructive GA for Euro Foie Gras

The General Assembly of Euro Foie Gras was held by videoconference on Wednesday, May 27. It was an opportunity to exchange on many important subjects for the European fat palmipeds sector.

The quarantine measures put in place in relation to COVID-19 have significant economic consequences on the sector with declining sales. For this reason, Euro Foie Gras reiterated its request to the European Commission for private storage aid. This measure is essential both to mitigate sector’s losses and to avoid food waste.

As several important documents were published ahead of the GA, the meeting was also an opportunity to discuss them in detail. One example is the publication, on 20 May by the European Commission, of the “Farm to Fork” Strategy which aims to develop more sustainable food systems through the involvement of all actors, both private and public. Euro Foie Gras will remain a proactive and constructive player in the future debate that will take place over the coming months.

In terms of communication, Euro Foie Gras’ members made the Federation’s new logo official. More modern and legible, the yellow has been replaced by gold in order to highlight the qualitative and gastronomic aspect of foie gras, an exceptional delicacy coming from an ancestral tradition. One can also note the presence of a duck and a goose, which at a glance makes it clear that foie gras comes from these two species of fat palmipeds.

This fruitful videoconference demonstrated once again the importance of collaboration between the producing countries in order to exchange on their respective national situation and to promote the fat palmipeds sector at the European level. This collaboration must continue as much as possible despite the special circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.