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About Euro Foie Gras

Euro Foie Gras is the European Federation of Foie Gras. Created in 2008 in Strasbourg, it brings together the federations of Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Hungary and Spain which are all the producing countries of the European Union. Euro Foie Gras represents the whole production chain (breeders, hatcheries, producers, processors and slaughterhouses).

The objectives of the European Federation of Foie Gras:

  • To promote foie gras, a thousand-year-old cultural and gastronomic tradition, and the profession of foie gras producer
  • To develop common reflexions and proposals at European level on the various topics of interest to the sector
  • To make European policy makers aware of the foie gras sector and, in particular, of its production methods
  • To establish a continuous exchange of experiences and know-how among member countries for a constant improvement of practices

Steps of production

Extensive farming

90% of life spent outside

Fattening by trained professionals

10% inside

Key figures

17 979 tonnes produced in the EU

Approximately 17 979 tonnes of foie gras were produced in the European Union in 2021 (16 717 tonnes of duck foie gras and 1262 tonnes of goose foie gras).

50 000 direct jobs

The sector generates more than 50 000 direct jobs in the EU.

90% of foie gras produced in the EU

The EU produces approximately 90% of the world’s foie gras. The other main producing countries are China, the United States and Canada.

67,2 millions euros of exports

According to Eurostat in 2021, exports of foie gras from the EU to third countries amounted to 67,2 million euros. This is an increase of 20% in value compared to 2020.